2015-2016 Final Year Maker Projects

Maker Projects

The School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences want to enable physical computing projects as part of student dissertations by removing some or all of the costs of purchasing.

Maker projects can range in variety from bespoke input devices or using existing HIDs and re-purposing them, to IoT connected lights, to sensor networks reporting back environmental conditions, to small scale rovers, to standalone units that look innocuous but aren’t really, to ovens that tweet, or balloons!

If you can think it, you can make it!

Your final year project might be an idea that’s a personal quest showing off your skills for your CV, or have academic intent with the potential for post-graduate study, or even be a product that you might want to bring to market before or after you graduate, and getting this kit from your school might really help you achieve any of these. If that’s true then read on.


In this page you will find the following sections:-

  • Maker Kits – a complete list of available kit which you may request for your own final year project in section 1.
  • Supervisors – a complete list of supervisors for maker projects in section 2.
  • Application – a form to complete and submit for your application in section 3.
  • Groups and Events – information about events and makers around Liverpool that give you somewhere to work or get inspiration from are listed in section 4.

The process is as follows:-

  1. Student completes the application below.
  2. Nominated supervisor reviews the application.
  3. Contact with the student is made and kit is handed over*
* Students may be asked to improve or further justify their application by supervisors before kit is handed over.

Important dates

Applications open : 25th March 2015

Applications close : 27th July 2015 They don’t!*

* Subject to available kits.

1. Maker Kits

Below is the list of kit available from the school. Clicking a product in the list will open up the product’s page where you can find more information.

Please note that your final year project can incorporate kit and components which you can purchase yourself. The kit below is to remove some of the costs associated with getting started.

Please use the item code (IC##), in your project application form at the bottom of this page.

Arduino Kits

SainSmart DUE+HC-SR04 1602LCD Keypad+Servo Motor Starter kit for Arduino US, IC01

SainSmart Leonardo R3+Xbee Shield Starter Kit With Basic Arduino Projects*, IC02

SainSmart Nano V3+HMC5883L Digital Compass Module Starter Kit With Basic Arduino Projects, IC03

SainSmart Nano V3+MPU6050 Sensor motor Starter Kit With Basic Arduino Projects, IC04

SainSmart Starter Kit RFID Master With Motor Relay LCD Servo AVR for Arduino 1602 UNO R3, IC05

SainSmart UNO R3+Keypad Kit With Basic Arduino Projects, IC06

LinkIt One – Development Board with GPRS, GPS, BLE and ARM 260 Mhz, IC07

* Includes the xbee shield only.

Arduino Shields and Sensors

Arduino Ethernet Shield Rev3 without PoE, IC08


SainSmart Sensor Shield V4 Module for arduino Duemilanove UNO Mega2560 ATMEL, IC10

SainSmart DHT22/AM2302 Digital Temperature Humidity Measurement Sensor Module, IC11

SainSmart BMP085 Digital Pressure Sensor Module Board, IC12

SainSmart MQ135 Sensor Air Quality Sensor Hazardous Gas Detection Module Arduino, IC13

Color Recognition/Discrimination Sensor TCS3200D/TCS230D Detector for Arduino, IC14

Robot Platform



Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi (Model B), IC18

Raspberry Pi Video Module PiNoir, IC19

2.8in. LCD Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi SK-28PTU-PI, IC20

 2. Supervisors

For students in CMP, a list of supervisors interested in projects which deliver physical devices, protypes, or projects that utilise platforms such as Android, iOS, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, HIDs and otherwise are listed here.

Dr O Abuelmaatti, Mr M Allen, Dr F Bouhafs, Dr C Carter, Dr C Dobbins, Dr D England, Dr P Fergus, Mrs. H. Francis, Mr G. D. Hughes, Mr A Laws, Dr D Lamb, Dr. G M Lee, Dr B Lempereur, Dr D Llewellyn-Jones, Dr M Mackay, Dr D Reilly, Mr A Symons, Dr S Tang, Dr P Tso, Dr P Yang.

Please note it is good practice to communicate your idea in advance with your chosen supervisor before completing the application that follows. If the supervisor of your choice is not listed but happy to do so please select “Other” from the selections but make sure you include their name somewhere in your application.

For students in others LJMU schools, Select “Other” from the selection dropdown, but make sure you include their name and your school in your application otherwise we won’t be able to process your application.

3. Application

4. Groups and Events

Maker Nights happen on 2nd Wed of the month, 4th monday of the Month, they are hosted at DoES in Liverpool City Centre. On the 2nd Saturday of the month they host a Maker Day. You can see their calendar here.

IoT meetup Liverpool also takes place at DoES on the last wednesday of each month. More information is here.

G.37 in Byrom Street Campus currently holds a makespace for students on wednesday from noon.

LJMU FabLab is also available at the Art and Design Academy.

Liverpool MakeFest is taking place 27th June.