MakerEd, WTF?

The MakerEd Working Group (MEWG) is an organisation focused on supporting self-led project based learning.

Members’ focus on establishing ‘maker education’ (MakerEd) activities for students, staff, businesses, and the public in the North West.

We want to use MakerEd to champion university makerspaces by opening HEdSpaces, and introducing creative higher education modules that run alongside traditional didactic ones, such as ‘statistics done differently’ with HEdWorks.

By mapping all making, arts, imaging, simulation, sensing, and fabrication expertise and resources available across LJMU and regionally we will connect students, business, researchers, educators and technicians.


Operating under the title HEdWorks the group’s aims are:-

  1. Use technology to promote project-based learning.

  2. Promote and embed MakerEd within mainstream teaching and learning.

  3. Foster cross-curricular collaboration between schools, faculties, and local business.

  4. Share what members from MEWG in universities and schools are doing in education and what we have learned.

  5. Establish a University Makerspace with links to local and wider communities.

HEdSpaceUK, Liverpool university makerspace, LJMU

A makerspace (\hackerspace\hackspace) is a physical location where people gather together to share resources and knowledge and work on projects, network and build. From an educational perspective it’s a place for designing and constructing projects.

LJMU HEdSpace is located in LJMU, G.37 James Parson’s Tower, Byrom Street, Liverpool.

LJMU HEdSpace has bookable 3D imaging and fabrication in the School of Computing, Byrom Street.

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Examples of makerspaces, and work stations.

At its heart Maker Education (or MakerEd for short) is hands-on, project-driven, self-directed learning with an emphasis on learning by experimenting, using resources and tools (laser cutter, 3D printers, digital routers, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis etc) in the space, where students can be taught the basics of e.g. 3D printing, garment design/wearables, coding, app development, materials, electronics, soldering, etc and thereafter learn by doing.

Take part

There are many ways to get involved:-